The 14 Day Kick Sugar Challenge

Are you ready to reduce your sugar intake and put the energy and enjoyment back into your life?

Learn how to kick sugar, recalibrate your taste buds and boost your health with a little help from the Rewards Project charity and our Kick Sugar cookbook.

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What you can expect from the
Kick Sugar Cook Book

  • You’ll Learn​- The history of our addiction to sugar
  • What – Sugar does to your body
  • Where – Sugar hides in food
  • Simple Recipes ​- You can easily prepare with every day equipment
  • Affordable​- Ingredients that are easy to source
  • Family Friendly -Meals you can make and eat together

What you can expect from the
14 Day Sugar Challenge

  • Preparation ​- How to prepare your home and kitchen for the 14-day sugar challenge
  • Vibrant Private Facebook Community– To help keep you motivated and moving forward
  • Daily messages– Support from the Rewards Project Team
  • Access ​- Experts to get all your sugar questions answered
  • You’ll Start ​- Feeling healthier, have more energy
  • Reawaken – Your taste buds and start enjoying food with new enhanced flavours and experiences

Free downloads to help you get started


Meditation and Affirmations

These guided meditations and affirmations have been developed to help you reduce and over time, eliminate your dependence on sugar. Over a period of 14 days and through the focussed practice of reciting powerful statements of intent (affirmations), new attitudes of support and positive self-motivation will be developed on deep subconscious levels. Recorded by James Goolnik. These are best listened to in a quiet place, ideally in the morning, and please do not listen to them whilst driving, walking in busy areas or operating any kind of machine.

4 days ago

Rewards Project

Hi everyone, we hope you're all staying safe at home!

As we are all indoors together, we thought it would be a great idea to start a 14-day sugar challenge starting on Monday 30th!

As we're all stuck inside, let's learn to cook, get off sugar and boost our immune systems!

If you know anyone who would like to join in please tag them in our post! #kicksugar

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3 weeks ago

Rewards Project

What is everyone up to this weekend? We've going to be creating the tasty, low sugar chocolate cake from the Kick Sugar cookbook! 🍫 Have you tried it yet?

Let us know your thoughts below!

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4 weeks ago

My copy just arrived! Looking forward to getting busy reading and cooking 🍴😁 ...

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3 weeks ago

This mornings breakfast - homemade crunchy granola! 👍 ...

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2 weeks ago

Rewards Project

Sometimes leaving Mother's Day gifts until last minute can pressure us into choosing the easy option...chocolate. 🍫

Why not give the gift of time and spend the day with her? You'll be making her smile AND looking after her health! 💐

[#kicksugar]( [#gifts](

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