14-Day Sugar Challenge starts 7th September

Kick Sugar

The 14-Day Sugar Challenge is back…

Have you put on pounds since lockdown? We’re here to help you #KickSugar the easy way. No pills, shakes, powders or exercise required! Our next challenge starts on Monday 7th September, and we want you to join us!

Did you know? The 14-day sugar challenge has been put together to help you curb cravings and re-calibrate your taste buds whilst enjoying a wide variety of tasty food. The challenge has been put together by a professional team of nutritionists, dentists, TV chefs, GP’s and neuroscientists.


This challenge is for you if:

• You’ve tried to kick sugar in the past . . . and failed.

• You keep getting dental cavities.

• It seems you just can’t do it on your own.


14 Day Sugar Challenge


What can I expect from the 14-day sugar challenge??

• Preparation – How to prepare your home and kitchen for the 14-day sugar challenge.

• Exclusive Facebook Community to help keep you motivated and moving forward.

• Daily messages of support from the Rewards Project Team.

• Access – Experts to get all your sugar questions answered.

• You’ll start – Feeling healthier, have more energy.

• Reawaken – Your taste buds and start enjoying food with new enhanced flavours and experiences.



Here’s what you’ll get when you join the 14-day sugar challenge

•  Kick Sugar Cookbook with an RRP of £20.

•  Over 3.5 hours of unseen Video interviews with: Award winning Dentist James Goolnik being interviewed by Michael Collins for the annual Quit Sugar summit talking sugar and oral health.

•  TV Chef Giancarlo Caldesi talking about flavour, taste and how to cook without using sugar.

•  Nutritionist Jenny Phillips talking about what sugar does to our bodies and how to have fun again in the kitchen.

•  Personal trainer PMac talks about consistency and how to keep on track when you are coming off sugar.

•  GP Dr Joanne McCormack talking about Diabetes and how to prevent it. Get off medication and regain your health again.

•  Dr Lynda Shaw discussing habits, motivation and how to keep on track.

•  Daily videos for tips and encouragement.

•  Private Facebook community.

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