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Rewards at Halloween

Let’s face it, Halloween is the one night of the year where our children are surrounded by so many treats and the whole holiday is based around sugary rewards. But, have you really thought about how much sugar your children are consuming in such a short space of time? The team at Rewards Project in […]

What’s in your children’s toothpaste?

Have you ever wondered what’s in your child’s toothpaste? We recommend taking a look at the ingredients list before purchasing. In a recent article, the European Food Safety Authority said that a food colouring used in some toothpaste can no longer be ruled out as a cause of cancer. The experts concluded that as a […]

Sugar Free Easter

With Easter fast approaching, you’ll be wanting to plan some fun activities for your children during the Easter break. It can be hard to prevent your children from thinking that Easter is all about chocolate, so we’ve put together some fun, sugar-free ideas that will bring you closer together as a family as well as […]

Mother’s Day: The healthy way

Are you looking for different ways to treat your Mum this Mother’s Day? With a little help from the Rewards Project, you can enjoy a healthy Mother’s Day that’s just as special! Dining in Even though all restaurants are currently closed during lockdown, there are still ways you can create an eventful low-sugar dining experience […]

Let’s talk about artificial sweeteners

We get so many questions about artificial sweeteners, so are they a worthwhile swap, or not? The focus on sugar in public health has led food manufacturers to reduce calories through non-calorific sweeteners, keeping the same sweet taste but allegedly negating the harms of too much sugar. Some of this has been in direct response […]

Alcohol & Sugar: What’s best for me?

We all know that most alcoholic beverages contain excessive amounts of sugar. They can also be crammed full of sweeteners, additives and colourings. If you’re looking to lower your alcohol consumption for 2021 and want to choose healthier alternatives, we’re here to help. How does it affect the body? Sugar is highly addictive because it […]

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