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Rewarding Children

Rewarding children for good behaviour sounds simple. Yet in doing so parents face three problems that are doing more harm than good both physically and psychologically to their children.

Rewards: what are alternative rewards?

We all like to be appreciated. But when we reward our children we really need to think carefully about what we use as rewards. All too often, the default reward for children is unhealthy food

Party Bags: the sugar-free way

Admit it, we’ve all been guilty of popping sugary sweets inside our child’s party bag. But the reality is we really don’t need to include mini Haribo bags or any type of sweets, as part of our party bag mix.

How healthy are breakfast cereals?

Around one third of Britons say they eat cereal as a typical weekday breakfast. Originally invented as a digestive aid, cereal remains the nation’s go-to choice for breakfast – but at what cost to our health?

How does sugar rot your teeth?

Teeth and in particular enamel, is the hardest structure in our bodies and along with our eyes, is the only tissue that does not regenerate. The Dental team are in your corner trying to help you preserve your teeth.

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