Keeping kids busy at home

Keep kids busy

During these uncertain times that surround the Coronavirus outbreak, you may be at home with the children after the government announced school closures across the UK. Now is the time to take a look what fun activities you can do at home with them. Let’s keep kids busy at home.

We want to let you know that we are here for you and will offer our tips and advice as much as we possibly can. If you have any ideas, please feel free to share them on our Facebook page here.

Turn them into your office assistant

Are you currently working from home? Why not take some of your office supplies and pop them in a small briefcase and tell your child to ‘work quietly’ nearby as your office assistant. You could fill the briefcase with pens, pencils, markers, stickers, a notepad, and an old calculator.


If you’re self-isolating or working from home, try downloading some fun picture books online or through Amazon Kindle. There are so many to choose from, including colourful animal books, busy books and fairy tales. If possible, we recommend purchasing E-books from independent businesses to help them stay afloat through the coronavirus pandemic.

Make homemade face masks

This is a fun one that we have recommended before. Mash up bananas or avocados with honey and other natural ingredients to make your own healthy DIY face masks. We found some great ideas here. This is a fun one for all the family, just remember to have your cleaning products at the ready for the aftermath!

Treat them to an audio-book

It can be hard sometimes to sit down and read a book with your children, especially if they are excitable and restless. We recommend downloading an audio book for them. You can tell them that someone special is going to read them a story. You can find and download audio books on Amazon. Simply download the Audible app to get started.

Cardboard creations

Simple, but a LOT of fun. If you have any old cardboard or cardboard boxes lying around, sit down and create some cardboard creations with them. You could construct a house, bus or even a car out of your card. Don’t forget to use safe craft scissors and always supervise your children when cutting the card.


If you have a garden, why not get your children to pop on their wellies and gardening gloves and suggest they could be a gardener’s helper for the afternoon? You can get your children to help you weed the garden and sweep up any twigs and leaves. Don’t forget to reward them for their efforts with a sticker or non-food related treat. You can read more about alternative rewards here.

Build a fort

This is an all-time favourite that never fails to keep them busy. Get involved and help them create a fort from cushions, blankets, covers and anything you can find around the house. It’s a great idea to create the fort somewhere other than their bedroom, making it even more exciting for them. This leads us to our last tip of the day…

Have a movie night

Why not sit down and relax with the kids and treat them to a movie night. Get them to pick some of their favourite films and let them watch it from their newly made fort! Don’t forget comfy warm pajamas and a cup of warm milk to send them off to sleep.

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