Mother’s Day: The healthy way


Are you looking for different ways to treat your Mum this Mother’s Day? With a little help from the Rewards Project, you can enjoy a healthy Mother’s Day that’s just as special!

Dining in

Even though all restaurants are currently closed during lockdown, there are still ways you can create an eventful low-sugar dining experience for Mother’s Day.

If you are in a support bubble with your Mum, you can try rustling up a healthy but delicious three-course meal. You could cook a start, main and dessert together using our Kick Sugar cookbook. There’s nothing better than a home-made feast at home with loved ones.

More low-sugar tips for dining in:

  • – Drink plenty of water
  • – Avoid alcohol or try low-sugar/alcohol free options.
  • – Try to avoid white bread/white rice/white potato/white pasta
  • – Keep an eye on dressings and sauces, you’ll be surprised by some of the ingredients!

The Kick Sugar cookbook is filled with easy, fuss-free recipes that will improve your health and re-calibrate your taste-buds. You’ll be spoilt for choice once you’ve seen the options.

Get your copy of Kick Sugar here.

Non-food gift ideas

It’s always nice to receive gifts that aren’t related to food. Here is a list of fun and meaningful gifts that will last longer than a box of chocolates:

  • – A Mother’s Day card.
  • – Tickets to their favourite show ready for when lockdown eases.
  • – Do the chores around the house if you live together or are in a support bubble.
  • – A personalised photo frame.
  • – Send a bouquet of her favourite flowers delivered straight to her doorstep.
  • – A meaningful hand-written letter, signed, sealed and delivered.
  • – Send them breakfast in bed.
  • – Make a memory photo book.
  • – Subscribe them to their favourite magazine.
  • – A book from their favourite author.
  • – A candle and a pair of cosy socks.
  • – Book a virtual yoga or meditation class.
  • – Create a birthday video from all of the family.
  • – Book a group fitness class together for when the gyms are re-open.
  • – A hygiene appointment at the dentists – (who doesn’t love sparkling clean teeth!?)
  • – A copy of the Kick Sugar cookbook.


If you decide to treat your Mother to a copy of the Kick Sugar cookbook, don’t forget to TAG us on Instagram using the handle @rewardsproject. We hope you all enjoy celebrating.


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