Party Bags: The sugar-free way


Admit it, we’ve all been guilty of popping sugary sweets inside our child’s party bag. But we really don’t need to include mini Haribo bags or any type of sweets, as part of our party bag mix. Sweets are all too easy the default option because they offer a cheap and popular filler. But if you think about it, do children need another sugar fix immediately following a birthday party?

Most kids are already excited and on a high from all party snacks, cakes and drinks so the last thing a parent wants is their child to return home with a party bag packed with sugary sweets. It is not only unhealthy but it is also bad for teeth. Not only it is unhealthy and bad for teeth, most parents would appreciate party bags filled with other non-sugary delights.

Most parents would appreciate party bags filled with non-sugary delights; there are plenty of wonderful alternatives to choose for children of all ages to enjoy without a sweet in sight.

For my daughter’s recent fifth birthday party, I spent time researching fun non-food party bag fillers and what to take into school instead of sugary cakes to celebrate her actual birthday. I discovered a world of great ideas, perfect for party bag fillers and cake alternatives. Check out my examples below:

Mini Word Game (like Boggle)-Pack of 4 £2.95

Mosaic Kits-Pack of 4 £3.75

Prefilled Themed Crafts Party Bags -£4 each

An Age Appropriate Reading Book– if you buy in bulk, you get a discount

Personalised Keep Sake Tin £3.95

Grow Your Own Plant e.g. Butterfly Bom £3.95

Top Tips: Any of the following are also a big hit: word searches, crossword books, activity or colouring books, notebooks, mini diaries or mini torches, themed stationery, themed stickers, playdoh, bubbles, noise makers, slinkies, temporary tattoos, bouncy balls or lip balm. You can be really creative. Imagine a CD with a personalised home mix of the Birthday child’s favourite tunes? All of these ideas last much longer than a bag of sweets, and offer a fun and healthy party bag alternatives.

This year instead of bringing more cake into my daughter’s school on her Birthday, we gave out a mosaic kit to each child in her class – these were greatly enjoyed.

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