Snacks, Sports Days and Fundraising

Snacks, Sports Days and Fundraising

Snacks, sports and fundraising days

When it comes to snacks in schools, it can prove tricky to monitor what children are bringing in, especially if these are secondary school students who may visit local supermarkets on the way to school. In some schools, there are no guidelines to what pupils can have as snacks.

As well as this, sports days can be associated with rewarding children with food and drinks, thinking this will bring them an energy boost, but this is not the case. Some schools even used sugary, food-based prizes after children had taken part in a day full of healthy exercise.

Lastly, fundraising events tend to be focused around cake and sweet treats to boost funds for schools. There are plenty of alternatives to sugar-laden cake sales, and that’s where Rewards Project can help you.

Throughout June/July 2019, we’ve had 587 schools respond to our Rewards Review survey. We thought we’d share some of the results with you to help improve the way you reward children with sugar when it comes to snacks, sports days and fundraising events.


We asked schools about the snacks they provide and were surprised to find that some schools did not have snack guidelines. Some answers also included a list of foods with high sugar content such as chocolate, biscuits and bacon rolls. However, most schools did offer fresh fruit and vegetables and have also cut-out fizzy drinks. Take a look at some of our schools’ responses below…

  • Healthy snacks of fruit, but no nuts because of allergies. – Wessex Primary School
  • All pupils and parents are advised to bring a healthy snack – Ashcroft School
  • Fruit or vegetables only and milk. – Stoney Middleton primary school
  • No chocolate or fizzy drinks – Westcroft School


Did you know?

Most cereal bars are full of sugar and they try and hide it as “natural”. Some such as Nakd bars have no added sugar, but packed full of sugar from the added fruits. In our opinion these bars are not suitable for children and definitely not in a school environment.

Sports, Snacks and Fundraising

A Naked bar has over 38g of sugar per 100g. As they are 35g size the 13.6g sugar a child has is almost their daily maximum (as recommended by WHO) 7-10 years olds under 6 teaspoons (24g) and 11 years and up seven teaspoons (30g).

Instead, have fresh fruit, yogurt or vegetables. Perhaps feed them a bigger lunch so they don’t need to snack at some point in the day.

Looking for more ideas?

You can find alternative low sugar snacks on our recipe page.


Sports Day

Sports days are energetic and fast-paced, and it can often leave school children feeling tired at the end of the day. Many schools feel that because of this, they need to top up their energy with sugary drinks and snacks afterwards, but this is not the case.

Simply offering children with fresh water and an optional piece of whole fruit is the only thing needed to fuel their sports day.  Our rewards survey showed that some schools actually rewarded children after sports day with biscuits, ice creams, cake, cream teas, chocolate and flapjacks.

Here’s a few examples of healthy results from our recent survey…


Fundraising Days

Fundraising days are a great way for staff and children to have fun whilst raising important funds for their school – especially cake sales.

Cake sales have always been an obvious and popular way of raising money for schools. However, after looking at our current survey results, we found some schools were holding cake sales up to eight times per term. Our guidance is no more than once per term and try to think beyond cake!


So, what can you do?

Overall, it’s really worth rethinking other fun fundraising events that avoid food or in particular sugar laden foods. This could include quizzes or wire loop circus type games. Take a look below at some of our innovative fundraising ideas that don’t involve sugar…

  • Hold a fundraising walk
  • Create a fundraising quiz afternoon
  • Swap cake sales for book sales
  • Dance competitions
  • School tug of war challenges
  • Obstacle courses
  • Plan a games day
  • Hold a jumble sale
  • More non-uniform days
  • Create Christmas cards to sell in the festive season


Snacks, Sports and Fundraising

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