Sugar Free Easter

Sugar Free Easter

With Easter fast approaching, you’ll be wanting to plan some fun activities for your children during the Easter break. It can be hard to prevent your children from thinking that Easter is all about chocolate, so we’ve put together some fun, sugar-free ideas that will bring you closer together as a family as well as looking after their health.


Easter hunt

Notice how we didn’t say Easter EGG hunt? You can still plan a fun, interactive Easter hunt without the sugar and chocolate eggs! Leave a trail of clues that leads to a large fluffy Easter toy or an Easter basket full of non-food treats. You could even award your little one with a trophy!

As well as this, another great idea is to hide hollow eggs that have small treats in. You can buy hollow eggs here and fill them with things such as coins, Lego, temporary tattoos, mini stamps, magnets and bouncy balls.


Create a sugar-free Easter basket

If you’re planning on creating an Easter basket this year, why not fill it up with non-food treats. Take a look at these sugar free ideas below:

  • Mini games
  • Toothbrushes
  • A soft toy
  • Bubbles
  • Crayons
  • Activity packs
  • Fun socks
  • Certificates
  • Mini puzzles
  • Rubbers
  • Water balloons


Visit a garden centre

Spring is the perfect time to grow seeds and plant beautiful flowers in your garden. Take your children to your local garden centre and let them choose some colourful flowers to take home. You could plant these in the garden together or arrange them in your favourite vase.


Decorate eggs

Sit down together and get crafty with your little ones and decorate eggs with marker pens, glitter glue, sequins and any fun craft materials you can find. We particularly like this egg decorating kit from John Lewis. You can get yours here.

Easter Egg Kit


Create an obstacle course

Another fun idea could be to create an obstacle course in your garden or even in your front room. You could incorporate an egg and spoon race, lots of bunny hopping and throwing and catching activities. Once the course is finished you can reward them with a non-food reward such as a certificate.


Spring clean

It might be a great idea to get them to help you with a spring clean around the house, making it as fun as possible. Get them some colourful rubber gloves and give them a small list of tasks to do such as dusting and putting things away. For every task they tick off the list, you could reward them with a non-food reward such as stickers. If your children collect certain toys or memorabilia, it might be a great idea to get them something to add to it. This is a great incentive and will get your children excited to help.


Are you looking for tasty, low sugar snacks to make for your children during the Easter break?

Click here to find some delicious recipes from our website.

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