Kick Sugar this Valentine’s Day

Dining Out

Are you or your partner currently kicking sugar from your diet? With a little help from the Rewards Project, you can enjoy a low sugar Valentine’s Day that’s just as special!


Dining out

Did you know, most restaurants are happy to cook you a low-sugar option if you request it? It can be hard to give in to temptation whilst looking at meals full of sugary sauces or desserts, but you’ll feel great for saying no to those sugar-laden foods. Instead, why not share a cheese board, or opt for a fruit salad?

If you know where you’re heading for dinner, make sure to plan ahead and check the menu before you get there. This will save you lots of time and prevent you from feeling rushed at the dinner table!

More tips for dining out whilst kicking sugar:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Try to avoid white bread/white rice/white potato/white pasta
  • Keep an eye on dressings and sauces



If your partner simply can’t resist Chocolates, opt for dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has a lot less sugar and added health benefits. We suggest choosing an 85% cocoa bar or higher. The higher the percentage of cocoa, the lower the sugar content.

Dark chocolate is also full of anti-oxidants and will also boost your partners mood by producing endorphins, a chemical responsible for creating feelings of pleasure.


Non-food gift ideas

How about being more thoughtful. Here is a list of non-food gifts that will last longer than the box of chocolates:

  • A personalised photo frames
  • Bouquet of roses
  • A meaningful Valentine’s Day card
  • A hand written love letter
  • Tickets to their favourite show
  • A couples massage
  • A fitness class
  • Do the chores around the house
  • A lie in (if you have kids)
  • A book from their favourite author


Staying in this year?

If you and your partner are having a cosy night in this year, why not make it even more romantic and cook a delicious, low-sugar recipe together from our Kick Sugar cookbook. There’s nothing better than a candle lit feast with your loved one.

The Kick Sugar cookbook is filled with easy, fuss-free recipes that will improve your health and re-calibrate your taste-buds. You and your partner will be spoilt for choice once you’ve seen the options.

Kick Sugar Cookbook

Get your copy of Kick Sugar here.


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